• European bourses marginally extend gains alongside US Futures; outperformance in RTY as it pares back losses
  • DXY is firmer with slight underperformance in the Yen as it gives back yesterday's gains
  • EGBs climb after a stellar German auction and fresh fiscal reports
  • Industrial commodities dip amid a flimsy risk tone while XAU remains above USD 2k/oz
  • Looking ahead, highlights include US Durable Goods, IJC, EZ Consumer...
  • APAC stocks traded mixed following the weak handover from the US where sentiment was dampened amid soft data and pre-Thanksgiving positioning.
  • FOMC minutes stated the FOMC saw rates remaining restrictive for some time; the minutes were uneventful and had little effect on price action.
  • Hamas confirmed an agreement with Israel for a four-day pause in Gaza hostilities and agreed to release around 50 women and children hostages from Gaza in exchange for Israel releasing...
  • European bourses are mixed, waning off highs whilst US Futures trade with little direction
  • Bonds off best levels after having bounced following yesterday’s well-covered US supply
  • Dollar remains weaker; whilst the Kiwi outperforms owning to encouraging NZ trade data
  • Crude trims Monday's gains while metals benefit from the Dollar pullback & strike action
  • Looking ahead, highlights include US National Activity Index,...
  • APAC stocks traded mostly higher following the tech-led gains in the US where Microsoft shares climbed to a record high in otherwise quiet trade and with Chinese markets underpinned by property sector support.
  • USD/JPY continued to trickle lower and breached the 148.00 level to the downside despite softening JGB yields; DXY remained pressured firmly beneath the 104.00 level and Antipodeans were underpinned.
  • RBA November Minutes stated that staff projections for...
  • European bourses are near unchanged with specifics light but the DAX 40 & Healthcare lagging amid marked Bayer pressure
  • Stateside, futures are slightly firmer in-fitting with the APAC bias but with action contained into a holiday-thinned week
  • DXY pressured attempting to convincingly re-claim 103.50 with Yen & Yuan the main beneficiaries
  • Core fixed benchmarks pressured but off lows ahead of US 20yr, BTPs outperform...
  • APAC stocks were mostly positive albeit with gains capped amid the lack of fresh catalysts from over the weekend and as participants await this week’s key events including tomorrow's FOMC minutes release.
  • DXY was pressured and trickled further beneath the 104.00 level amid gains in its major peers; PBoC maintained LPRs as expected.
  • European equity futures are indicative of a flat open after the cash market closed +0.9% on Friday.
  • Yemen’s...
  • MON: PBoC LPR; German Producer Prices (Oct), New Zealand Trade Balance (Oct)
  • TUE: FOMC Minutes (Nov), RBA Minutes (Nov), NBH Policy Announcement; UK PSNB (Oct), Canadian CPI (Oct)
  • WED: UK Autumn Statement, Dutch Elections; US IJC (13 Nov w/e), Durable Goods (Oct), Uni. of Michigan Final (Nov), Australian Flash PMIs (Nov)
  • THU: US Thanksgiving (Market Holiday), Riksbank & SARB Policy Announcements, ECB Minutes (Oct); EZ & UK...
  • European equities soar with US futures bid but slightly more contained
  • DXY is trending lower towards the 104.00 level, with outperformance in the Yen amid tighter yield differentials
  • Bond bulls rampant, assisted by softer UK Retail Sales, with key yield levels in sight
  • Crude attempts to nurse some losses while industrial metals are subdued but precious metals shine
  • Looking ahead, highlights include US Housing Starts,...
  • APAC stocks traded mixed with sentiment clouded after the recent soft US data and tumble in oil prices.
  • European equity futures are indicative of a higher open with the Euro Stoxx 50 +0.4% after the cash market closed -0.3% yesterday.
  • DXY is contained within a tight range, EUR/USD oscillates around 1.0850, USD/JPY slipped further below 151.
  • Bunds pulled back from recent highs, crude is contained following yesterday's heavy...
  • European bourses are incrementally weaker, whilst US futures teeter around the unchanged mark; DAX 40 outperforms post-Siemens
  • DXY is slightly firmer with underperformance in the Antipodeans on fairly muted risk sentiment
  • USTs/EGBs back in the green after briefly retreating alongside downside in Gilts amid hawkish remarks from BoE’s Green
  • Crude remains on the backfoot while metals march higher, although iron declined overnight amid Chinese...
  • APAC stocks were mostly negative as the recent data-driven momentum eventually lost steam.
  • US Senate voted to pass the stopgap funding bill to avert a government shutdown, as expected.
  • European equity futures are indicative of a slightly softer open with the Euro Stoxx 50 -0.1% after the cash market closed +0.6% yesterday.
  • Biden-Xi meeting was said to be constructive and productive as they agreed to restart cooperation on counter-narcotics...
  • European bourses & US futures continue to build on post-US CPI gains; FTSE 100 outperforms on softer-than-expected UK CPI
  • Dollar finds some reprieve whilst Kiwi outperforms underpinned by encouraging Chinese activity data & GBP underperforms
  • Initial UK CPI-induced Gilt strength lost as core benchmarks pullback modestly
  • Crude subdued but both precious and base metals extend gains despite a slightly firmer...
  • APAC stocks followed suit to the global risk-on mood after softer-than-expected US CPI, while the region also digested better-than-expected Chinese activity data.
  • US House voted 336-95 to pass a temporary spending bill that would avert a government shutdown; bill now goes to the Senate.
  • European equity futures are indicative of a slightly firmer open with the Euro Stoxx 50 +0.2% after the cash market closed +0.8% yesterday.
  • DXY is stuck just...
  • European bourses & US futures are marginally firmer but with price action tentative pre-CPI
  • DXY marginally lower, with EUR bid following German ZEW & Cable testing 1.23
  • Debt futures retain yesterday’s gains, Bunds experienced slight downticks around supply and data
  • Crude continues to build on Monday's gains; IEA OMR forecasts demand to grow for 2023 & 2024
  • Looking ahead, highlights include US CPI,...
  • APAC stocks traded somewhat mixed with gains capped as markets await incoming US CPI data.
  • US House Speaker Johnson's plan to prevent a government shutdown will be considered by the House on Tuesday, according to CBS.
  • Hamas armed wing spokesperson said they told mediators they are ready to release up to 70 children and women in a five-day truce.
  • European equity futures are indicative of a relatively flat open with the Euro Stoxx 50...
  • European bourses are firmer whilst US futures slip going into a busy week & after Moody's update
  • DXY is lacklustre awaiting US CPI on Tuesday, with AUD extending gains and underpinned by RBA’s Kohler
  • Bonds bounce broadly and fairly firmly, though Bunds ultimately unable to reclaim 130.00
  • Crude off worst levels and into positive territory despite initial two-way action, OPEC MOMR due
  • Looking ahead, highlights...
  • APAC stocks were mostly subdued and failed to sustain the early momentum from last Friday’s rally on Wall St.
  • US House Speaker Johnson unveiled a GOP stopgap funding bill which includes January and February end dates; proposal was criticised by the White House.
  • Moody’s affirmed US at AAA; Outlook Cut to Negative from Stable on Friday.
  • DXY is steady on a 105 handle, JPY lags G10 FX, most other majors are broadly...
  • MON: OPEC OMR, Canadian Remembrance Day (Observed).
  • TUE: IEA OMR; UK Average Earnings/Unemployment (Oct/Sep), EZ Employment (Q3), German ZEW (Nov), US NFIB (Oct), CPI (Oct), Japanese GDP (Q3).
  • WED: Chinese Retail Sales/Industrial Output (Oct), UK CPI (Oct), EZ Trade Balance (Sep), US PPI Final Demand (Oct), Retail Sales (Oct), Japanese Trade Balance (Oct).
  • THU: CBRT FSR (Oct); Australian Employment (Oct), Chinese House Prices (Oct),...
  • European bourses slump, whilst US futures meander on either side of the unchanged level; NQ underperforms on higher yields
  • Bonds continue to sell-off following yesterday’s hawkish leaning comments from Fed Chair Powell and a dismal US long bond auction
  • DXY is slightly lower, edging towards session lows of 105.76 with G10’s generally lifeless against the Dollar
  • Crude benchmarks extend gains and entirely pare back the losses seen late in...
  • APAC stocks traded lower across the board as the downbeat sentiment from Wall Street reverberated to the region following the poor 30-year US auction coupled with Powell’s hawkish lean, whilst the APAC region itself digested earnings and China’s ongoing woes.
  • Fed Chair Powell leant hawkish following the dovish repricing seen last week in the wake of the FOMC and NFP jobs report. Powell did not comment on the NFP report specifically, but maintained his view the labour market remains tight...
  • European bourses march firmly into the green whilst US futures post gains to a lesser extent; RTY outperforms after heavy losses in recent sessions
  • Dollar is firmer ahead of Fed Chair Powell, with the Kiwi outperforming as it benefits from AUD/NZD cross-selling
  • Debt gives back some of the prior session's gains with US 10-year yield surpassing 4.50%, though benchmarks are off worst
  • Crude attempts to claw back some of the losses felt over the...
  • APAC stocks traded mostly firmer following a similar lead from Wall Street; Chinese markets saw more of a muted performance.
  • DXY traded flat within a tight range on either side of 105.50, USD/JPY remained just under 151.00, and Antipodeans outperformed.
  • European equity futures are indicative of a contained open with the Eurostoxx 50 -0.1% after the cash market closed +0.6% yesterday.
  • US military forces confirm it conducted a self-defence...
  • European bourses post modest losses whilst the NQ & ES teeter around the unchanged mark, RTY lags slightly.
  • Bonds extended gains with Gilts outpacing counterparts though ultimately fell short of 96.00 level, with the complex now off best levels & USTs lower.
  • USD bid with the index printing a 105.87 high, putting downward pressure on G10 peers; GBP bearing the brunt & largely attributed to outperformance in Gilts.
  • Crude continues...
  • APAC stocks traded mixed/mostly firmer following a similar lead from Wall Street, with the breadth of markets in APAC hours particularly narrow.
  • DXY held a modest upward bias with G10s mostly subdued in what was a contained session for FX.
  • European equity futures are indicative of a subdued open with Euro Stoxx 50 future -0.3% after cash markets closed -0.1% yesterday.
  • US Treasury said no trade partners manipulated currencies; China remains...
  • European equities/US futures in the red with sentiment sour ahead of a busy day of Fed speak
  • Fixed benchmarks are back in bull-flattening mode, lifting from yesterday’s lows pre-supply
  • DXY firmly above 105.50, whilst Antipodeans sink on weaker sentiment and post-RBA hike
  • As expected, the RBA announced a 25bps hike, ensuing initial upside in the AUD before slipping on weaker forward guidance
  • Crude benchmarks pare back...