• European bourses are firmer, Euro Stoxx 50 +0.5%, in a continuation of APAC action while US futures are essentially flat
  • DXY is downbeat this morning to the slim benefit of peers particularly the CHF and EUR, while core debt is pressure and the US yield-curve is bear-steepening
  • Chinese GDP and Industrial Production disappointed although still showed a double-digit percentage surge Y/Y and Retail Sales surpassed estimates
  • China has reportedly...
  • Asian equity markets traded cautiously after the mild tailwinds from the US; Chinese markets saw a choppy session
  • Chinese GDP and Industrial Production disappointed although still showed a double-digit percentage surge Y/Y and Retail Sales surpassed estimates
  • White House said the infrastructure package could be passed in smaller pieces and congress will work out a path forward, according to reports
  • Russia's Foreign Ministry said US sanctions...
  • Equities are modestly firmer in Europe with US futures performing marginally better, ES +0.4%, while the Russell 2000, +0.9%, outperforms
  • DXY has been pressured for much of the morning but as pared losses and largely unchanged now with antipodeans once again outperforming while RUB is hindered on potential US sanctions
  • Fed's Clarida (voter) expects a similar sequencing regarding reducing bond purchases vs. hiking rates as in 2014-2015...
  • Asian equity markets were cautious after the choppy performance stateside; Mainland China underperformed
  • In FX, the DXY consolidated above 91.50 and G10 FX were largely rangebound
  • The US is reportedly preparing to impose sanctions on Russia, targeting Russia's sovereign debt
  • China's top official in Hong Kong said any foreign power which attempts to use Hong Kong as a pawn will face countermeasures
  • Houthi military...
  • Equities are essentially unchanged following a largely range-bound EU session; ES +0.1%, Euro Stoxx 50 +0.1%
  • The USD has been marginally softer as antipodeans outperform and other peers are flat; debt is similarly contained with long-end US pressure dissipating
  • Kremlin says it is premature to talk in tangible terms about a potential meeting with US President Biden and Russian President Putin; Navy commencing Black Sea drills ahead of US ship arrivals,...
  • Asian equities traded with a mild positive bias following on from the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 notching fresh record highs
  • White House COVID Coordinator Zients said the US has more than enough Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to maintain the current pace of vaccinations
  • In FX, the DXY remains subdued beneath 92.00, EUR/USD and GBP/USD maintain 1.19 and 1.37 status respectively
  • The RBNZ kept the OCR at 0.25%, LSAP at NZD 100bln and maintained...
  • Equities meander in relative proximity to the unchanged mark with little conviction or fresh drivers present ahead of today's risk events; ES +0.1%, Euro Stoxx 50 +0.3%
  • The USD is firmer but contained with peers mixed and rangebound while fixed falls with auction concession factoring and yields firmer and focused around the 5yr Stateside
  • Crude remains underpinned given growing geopolitical tensions and the OPEC MOMR due at 13:00BST/08:00EDT...
  • Asian equity markets mostly shrugged off the subdued handover from Wall St peers but with gains capped ahead of this week’s risk events
  • Chinese March trade figures saw exports and the trade balance miss expectations whilst imports topped estimates
  • US Treasury Secretary Yellen will reportedly not label China as a currency manipulator in the Treasury's FX report due on Thursday
  • In FX, the DXY recouped some of yesterday's losses, EUR/USD trades...
  • European bourses are mixed but range-bound for the morning, Euro Stoxx 50 U/C; Stateside, futures are slightly softer but contained
  • USD is downbeat with lower yielding peers beginning to pick-up as the US yield curve bull-flattens slightly as EGBs pick back up from Friday's pressure
  • Fed's Powell said the economic recovery is better than he expected and with vaccinations, there is a resumption of what seems to be a very strong expansion
  • Crude...
  • Asian equity markets began the week subdued and US equity futures marginally pulled back from record levels
  • Participants were tentative ahead of the start of US earnings season and this week’s key data releases
  • In FX, the DXY consolidated above 92.00, EUR/USD trades in close proximity to 1.1900 and GBP/USD sits just north of 1.3700
  • US President Biden aims to complete the infrastructure program by the summer, according to the US Energy...
  • European bourses are contained and in proximity to the unchanged mark amid a sparse European session; energy names in particular choppy given similar action in crude once again
  • German Health Minister Spahn says nationwide measures are needed to break the COVID-19 infection wave, a lockdown is required
  • The USD remains underpinned but shy of yesterday's peak in DXY terms with antipodeans and JPY the current laggards
  • Core debt is pressured with...
  • Asia-Pac markets end the week with a cautious tone as regional bourses failed to sustain the early momentum from the tech-led gains in the US
  • Sentiment in the US was underpinned as yields eased and Fed Chair Powell stuck to the dovish script
  • Fed Chair Powell said there is a brighter outlook for the US economy but reiterated that the Fed needs to keep supporting the economy
  • In FX, the DXY maintains 92.00 status, EUR/USD holds onto the 1.19...
  • European bourses are contained in relative proximity to the unchanged mark while US futures are faring better with Nasdaq and Russell 2000 the outperformers, +0.7%
  • DXY is under pressure but has picked up from lows with antipodeans & JPY benefitting while other peers are essentially unchanged
  • US government completed its intelligence review of the alleged misconduct by Russia related to the SolarWinds hack and election interference, while the US may announce...
  • Asia-Pac bourses traded mixed-to-positive after a relatively flat finish on Wall Street
  • There was nothing new of particular note within the FOMC's March meeting minutes
  • In FX, the DXY sits sub-92.50, EUR/USD slipped back below 1.19 and GBP/USD remains on the backfoot
  • US President Biden said he is prepared to hear proposals for a corporate tax rate below 28%
  • Looking ahead, highlights include ECB minutes, US IJC, BoE's...
  • European bourses & US futures are somewhat mixed but largely contained, Euro Stoxx 50 -0.1%/ES +0.1%, with fresh fundamental drivers sparse
  • The USD has been choppy throughout the morning extending to both fresh session highs and lows; currently, major peers are mixed while antipodeans continue to underperform
  • European Medicines Agency expects to hold its AstraZeneca (AZN LN) press briefing at 15:00BST/10:00EDT
  • Crude has been volatile...
  • Asian equity markets traded mixed following on from the flat performance on Wall St where most major indices consolidated
  • A lack of incremental macro newsflow and looming FOMC minutes ensured a non-committal tone
  • RBI kept rates unchanged with the Repurchase Rate kept at 4.00% and Reverse Repo Rate kept at 3.35%, as expected
  • In FX, the DXY languished beneath 92.50, EUR/USD retained a firm hold of the 1.18 handle and GBP/USD maintains 1.38...
  • European bourses are firmer across the board, Euro Stoxx 50 +0.8%, as the region returns from the Easter break and reacts to US data; Stateside, futures are a touch softer
  • US Senate Parliamentarian ruled in favour of Democrats efforts and stated that a revised budget resolution may contain budget reconciliation instructions
  • DXY has been grinding higher throughout the session to the detriment of peers across the board with GBP also hindered via EUR/GBP action; RBA...
  • Asian equity markets traded mixed as the regional bourses failed to fully sustain the momentum from their counterparts on Wall St
  • The S&P 500 and the DJIA extended on fresh record highs in their first opportunity to react to last week’s NFP jobs report and yesterday's ISM print
  • In FX, the DXY nursed some of yesterday’s losses after having dwindled towards 92.50, EUR/USD and GBP/USD sit on 1.18 and 1.39 handles respectively
  • The RBA policy...
  • European equity indices and US equity futures are firmer across the board, with the tech-heavy NQ the outperformer, +0.9%
  • DXY has been somewhat choppy but within contained ranges for the session with major peers largely flat/mixed at present
  • US President Biden proposed a USD 2trln plan with spending spread over 8 years, and noted that the corporation tax rate will increase to 28%
  • OPEC+ will reportedly discuss options that include a rollover...
  • Asian equity markets traded positively amid a busy slate of data releases and US President Biden’s announcement of his two-part spending proposal
  • Measures include capital investment of around USD 2tln with spending spread over 8 years, while he also suggested increasing the corporate tax rate to 28%
  • French President Macron announced new measures including a national lockdown which will take place from Saturday and last for at least one...
  • European equity indices are mixed whilst US equity futures are largely unchanged but with the NQ outperforming, +0.4%
  • DXY is softer on the session to the benefit of its major peers, with GBP/USD seeing further upside but yet to breach 1.38
  • In President Biden’s speech at 21:20BST/16:20EDT he is expected to unveil USD 2.25tln of infrastructure spending, and to comment on increasing corporate tax to 28%
  • Chinese Manufacturing and...
  • Asian equity markets traded cautiously during the quarter- and fiscal year-end with sentiment not helped by the uninspiring lead from the US
  • Participants were tentative ahead of President Biden’s speech later today where he is to unveil USD 2.25tln of infrastructure spending
  • Biden is also expected to comment on increasing the corporate tax rate to 28%
  • Chinese Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing PMI data exceeded...
  • European equity indices are firmer across the board, but US equity futures are mixed with NQ the underperformer, -0.4%
  • DXY has continued to strengthen as yields rise, residing on the 93.00 handle but off highs with JPY and EUR hindered given relative-yield effects
  • Saudi Arabia is reportedly ready to support an OPEC+ oil cut extension into May and June and is prepared to extend voluntary cuts
  • Wall Street banks were summoned by US regulators...
  • Asia-Pac stocks just about shrugged off the early indecision following the negative bias stateside
  • Most US indices declined as sentiment was dampened amid the fallout from the USD 20bln Archegos liquidation and rising yields
  • Additionally, the White House warned that infections are increasing again and President Biden has even called on states to pause re-opening efforts
  • In FX, the DXY consolidated near yesterday's highs, EUR/USD was...
  • European equity indices have opened mixed but with a slight positive bias whilst US equity futures are negative and the RTY is the underperformer, -0.8%
  • The Dollar has strengthened and surpassed last week’s highs; exerting further pressure on the EUR as EUR/GBP has hit YTD lows of 0.8510
  • German Chancellor Merkel threatened the use of federal law to toughen pandemic restrictions
  • The stuck tanker in the Suez Canal has reportedly been refloated...