• Major European bourses are pressured as the Wall St. rally faded and reverberated through APAC trade; although, the Stoxx 600 remains +0.5% on the week.
  • US futures have been lifting off overnight lows, though the NQ continues to lag post-Netflix.
  • Buck betwixt and between as USTs rebound, but risk aversion gathers momentum; antipodeans lag while Yuan outperforms post-PBoC SLFs.
  • WTI and Brent March contacts remain pressured by the broader risk tone, with focus on geopolitics as Blinken & Lavrov...
  • APAC markets traded lower amid wide-spread risk aversion after late Wall Street selling
  • All major US indices declined after another failed relief rally; S&P 500 -1.1%
  • Netflix shares dropped 20% after-hours on disappointing subscriber additions and forecasts
  • DXY remained steadfast despite decline in yields. Antipodeans lag
  • Looking ahead, highlights include UK Retail Sales, EZ Consumer Confidence, BoE's Mann; ECB's Lagarde,...
  • US equity futures are firmer, ES +0.4%, picking back up from yesterday's pressure with the NQ +0.7% outperforming amid a pull-back in yields.
  • Major bourses in Europe are softer, Euro Stoxx 50 -0.2%, in an indecisive morning; following eventual upside in APAC markets.
  • Dollar drifts alongside Treasury yields; Aussie rules G10 roost; Pound retains post-UK inflation momentum but wary about further political upheaval.
  • WTI and Brent front month futures are choppy intraday, spot gold/silver are contained,...
  • Asian equity markets eventually traded mostly higher but with price action relatively choppy
  • Major US indices (S&P 500 -1%, Nasdaq -1.2%) failed to sustain the early reprieve despite yields easing from pandemic highs
  • European futures are indicative of a firmer open with the Eurostoxx 50 future higher by 0.3%
  • PBoC reduced the 1-year Loan Prime Rate by 10bps and cut the 5-year LPR by 5bps
  • DXY resides around the...
  • European bourses are mixed but becoming increasingly upbeat as the pressure from the APAC/US handovers dissipates, Euro Stoxx 50 +0.6%; ES +0.3%, NQ +0.4%
  • The DXY remains above, but within touching distance of, 95.50 with G10 peers firmer and antipodeans leading after ANZ's RBNZ OCR call
  • Some UK Conservatives expect the no-confidence vote threshold for PM Johnson to be met today, today's PMQs and the expected Gray report in...
  • Asian stocks followed suit to the losses on Wall St where all major indices declined, led by tech and growth; Nasdaq -2.6%
  • European futures are indicative of a softer open with the Mar'22 Eurostoxx 50 future lower by 0.5%
  • An explosion in Turkey forced the shutdown of the Iraq-Turkey crude oil pipeline which is Iraq’s largest crude oil export line
  • Conservative MPs are reportedly confident they have enough votes to trigger a confidence vote in...
  • Equities remain pressured in a continuation of the yield-inspired downside seen in APAC hours as the German 10yr yield nears 0.00%
  • Overnight, the US yield briefly breached 1.85% but has since pulled back modestly though equities remain waylaid with NQ, -2.0%, continuing to underperform
  • Oil remains elevated on supply-side factors while the DXY is firmer but yet to test 95.50 with peers modestly pressured
  • BoJ maintained policy settings as...
  • Asia-Pac stocks traded mixed with early optimism in the region soured by a resumption of the surge in US yields
  • The US 10yr cash yield briefly topped 1.85%; US equity futures were softer across the board
  • European futures are indicative of a softer open with the Eurostoxx 50 future lower by 0.4% after the cash market closed higher by 0.7% yesterday
  • BoJ maintained policy settings as expected and reaffirmed its dovish...
  • Asian equity markets traded with a mild positive bias following the similar close last Friday on Wall Street
  • Chinese GDP and industrial production exceeded expectations, whilst retail sales disappointed
  • The PBoC reduced rates on its 1-year Medium-term Lending Facility and 7-day reverse repos by 10bps each
  • European futures are indicative of a mildly firmer open with the Eurostoxx 50 future higher by 0.3%
  • The USD is...
  • European bourses are softer, Euro Stoxx 50 -0.9%, with newsflow minimal though benchmarks are off lows led by Oil & Gas given benchmark pricing
  • US futures are contained/rangebound, ES +0.1%, ahead of US Retail Sales and Fed's Williams as the last scheduled pre-blackout speaker
  • DXY remains pressured but fairly contained with peers mixed while debt dips lifting yields; however, US/German 10yr yields remain shy of recent peaks
  • Chinese trade...
  • Asian equity markets weakened amid headwinds from the US where all major indices declined
  • Losses in the US were led by tech and consumer discretionary names amid a slew of hawkish Fed speak
  • European futures are indicative of a softer open with the Eurostoxx 50 future lower by 0.8%
  • Chinese trade figures showed weaker than expected Imports although Exports topped estimates
  • Bank of Korea hiked rates by 25bps for a third...
  • European bourses are contained with US futures equally uninspiring, ES +0.1%; in Europe, sectors has Tech, +1.1%, notably outperforming given TSMC read-across
  • DXY remains subdued moving further below 95.00 to the benefit of peers across the board; conversely, core debt is relatively calm before more key US events
  • Russian Kremlin says talks with the West were "unsuccessful", sanctioning Putin would be comparable to severing relations
  • Some...
  • Asia-Pac stocks traded mixed following the choppy session in the US where major indices eked mild gains
  • European futures are indicative of a flat open with the Eurostoxx 50 Mar'22 contract near the unchanged mark
  • In FX, the DXY heads into the European open a touch softer and in close proximity to the 95.00 mark
  • Fed's Bullard has said that four rate hikes in 2022 now appear likely
  • Looking ahead, highlights include US...
  • European bourses are firmer continuing from upbeat APAC performance while US futures are more contained but retain a positive bias pre-CPI, ES +0.1%, NQ +0.3%
  • Chinese inflation metrics cooled from the prior and came in below expectations
  • The DXY is towards the top of a narrow range with peers generally contained ex-crude sensitive FX, given benchmark action
  • USTs are cautious as we await data, Fed speak and supply while EGBs, led by Bunds,...
  • Asia-Pac bourses traded positively as stocks took their cue from the energy and tech-led gains in the US
  • US indices closed higher across the board with the Nasdaq outpacing peers with gains of 1.4%
  • Chinese inflation metrics cooled from the prior and came in below expectations
  • The DXY languished around two-month lows near 95.50. Activity currencies lead in the G10 FX space
  • Looking ahead, highlights include US CPI,...
  • European bourses and US futures are firmer following yesterday's US rebound, ES +0.3%, but off best pre-Powell's testimony
  • Fed Chair Powell’s prepared remarks noted the economy has rapidly strengthened despite the ongoing pandemic
  • Fed's Bostic (2024 voter) sees three 2022 hikes, risks of a fourth on the possibility of higher inflation
  • DXY remains sub-96.00 and continues to drift with peers ex-JPY modestly firmer while debt is choppy but...
  • Asian equities were subdued following on from the mostly negative lead from Wall St
  • US stocks declined at the open, but then finished off lows and the Nasdaq fully recovered from a near-3% drop as yields wavered
  • DXY is softer and back on a 95 handle as activity currencies gain and EUR/USD gains a firmer footing above 1.13
  • Fed Chair Powell’s prepared remarks noted the economy has rapidly strengthened despite the ongoing...
  • Indecisive and somewhat choppy trade amid a thin docket; Euro Stoxx 50 -0.1%, ES U/C, NQ -0.3%
  • In FX, the DXY tested 96.00 to the upside with peers mixed but relatively contained while USTs/EGBs recovered from initial pressure
  • US Senator Manchin reportedly no longer supports a USD 1.8trl Build Back Better counterproposal, via Washington Post
  • US-Russia talks have begun and initial commentary seemingly downplays the prospect of a...
  • Asia-Pac markets traded mixed and US equity futures were initially pressured after last Friday's post-NFP weakness
  • Ongoing Omicron woes and the absence of Japanese participants further added to the uninspired mood
  • China reported its first community transition of the Omicron variant in Tianjin which is a gateway city to Beijing
  • In FX, the DXY is firmer but sub-96.00, EUR/USD has reclaimed 1.13, USD/JPY remains on a 115...
  • European bourses/US futures are mixed but generally contained amid minimal newsflow pre-NFP/Fed speak; ES +0.2%
  • DXY remains downbeat but off worst and yet to test 96.00 with main peers little changed and both EUR and GBP unreactive to respective data
  • Core debt is similarly confined while crude continues to climb absent catalysts though geopols draw focus
  • China may still ease policy in Q1 despite the hawkish Fed, according to reports citing...
  • Asia-Pac equities traded mostly higher; US equity futures held onto mild gains
  • In FX, DXY was subdued, EUR/USD and GBP/USD probed 1.1300 and 1.3550 respectively
  • Fed's Bullard (hawk, voter) said the first rate hike could come in March and said the balance sheet run-off should start shortly after
  • China may still ease policy in Q1 despite the hawkish Fed, according to reports citing China's Securities Journal
  • Crypto...
  • European bourses are pressured, Stoxx 600 -1.0%, following a downbeat APAC handover given the FOMC Minutes spillover; NQ, -0.4%, continues to lag
  • European Banking names are the primary outperformer given yield action as the US 10yr nears 1.75% and the German equivalent 0.00% (best -0.033%)
  • DXY is positive but has been pressured as FX peers receive a boost for the broad yield action; JPY leads and AUD lags in a continuation of APAC...
  • Asia-Pac equities succumbed to the downbeat handover from Wall Street after the FOMC minutes
  • FOMC minutes said rate lift-off may be warranted sooner or at a faster pace than was earlier anticipated
  • FOMC minutes noted that Fed balance sheet reduction could come relatively soon after rate lift-off
  • Fed Fund futures see around a 70% chance of a Fed hike at the March meeting
  • US equity futures drifted lower overnight (ES...
  • European bourses are mixed and fairly contained while US futures faded a brief moved into positive territory amid minimal newsflow; ES -0.10%, NQ -0.4% currently lags
  • DXY is downbeat but is yet to test 96.00 to the downside with G10 peers, ex-CAD given crude, buoyed and JPY outperforming after yesterday's pressure
  • US lawmakers have commenced early discussions regarding another round of COVID stimulus spending, via Washington Post
  • North Korea...
  • Asia-Pac equities traded mostly in the red and US equity futures were subdued
  • FX, fixed income, crude and precious metals were more contained overnight
  • Fed's Kashkari (2023 voter) expect the Fed balance sheet to come down, but not to pre-pandemic levels
  • North Korea fired a projectile which landed outside of Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
  • China Huarong Asset Management slumped over 50% after a nine-month trade...