• European bourses are stronger this morning following the APAC lead, US futures are firmer but to a lesser extent ahead of Fed and on the busiest week of earnings this quarter
  • BoJ kept NIRP at -0.1% and long term JGB yield target at around 0% but pledged to buy unlimited JGBs and increased its purchases of corporate bonds and commercial paper
  • New York Governor Cuomo said the state will follow the CDC’s recommendation to wait until hospitalization rates decline for 14 days before opening up
  • FX sees...
  • Asian equity markets were mostly positive with sentiment underpinned by optimism regarding the reopening of global economies
  • US government trial of Gilead's (GILD) Remdesivir is running ahead of schedule and results from the trial could be possible by mid-May
  • UK PM Johnson could announce plans for easing the lockdown as early as this week after returning to Downing Street
  • Italy PM Conte announced the nation is to begin lifting the lockdown from May 4th with retailers set to open on May...
  • Sentiment is divergent: bourses subdued in Europe after EU leaders meeting while US futures firm up
  • US House voted to pass the USD 484bln coronavirus package bill as expected; Trump to sign in a noon ceremony
  • EUR weakness initially boosted the USD, but the DXY has yet to eclipse early April highs at 100.94 as weakness in peers has diminished with the DXY recently turning negative on the day
  • US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said they are mulling a lending facility for struggling oil...
  • Asian equity markets traded mostly negative following the lacklustre handover from US where major indices retraced their initial oil-inspired gains
  • The DXY was firmer overnight and back above 100.50 as the soured risk tone helped the safe-haven claw back the lost ground
  • Gilead's Remdesivir reportedly flopped in the first randomized clinical trial according to draft documents obtained by the FT
  • EU leaders talks ended with no agreement on the recovery package
  • EU Commission President Von Der...
  • European bourses are marginally softer at present, dented on abysmal PMI numbers and ahead of the EU Leaders meeting
  • EU recovery plan could trigger EUR 2tln of spending and investment, recovery find would allow Commission to raise EUR 320bln on the market
  • EU is looking to launch the recovery fund on 1st January 2021; however, Italy state they cannot wait until even June for the approval
  • Iran's Guards Chief says US ships will be destroyed if they threaten Iranian ships; crude is bolstered on the...
  • Asian equity markets mostly benefitted from the more constructive handover from Wall St where sentiment rebounded in tandem with oil prices
  • In FX, the DXY remains above 100.00, EUR/USD flat, Cable sits above 1.2350
  • The ECB announced that it will accept some junk-rated debt as collateral in a move to insulate some economies in the face of  potential credit downgrades
  • Oil prices continued to nurse recent losses in which Brent and WTI crude futures reclaimed USD 22.00/bbl and USD 15.00/bbl...
  • European bourses are firmer by around 1% and overall little moved from opening levels; stateside, futures show a similar pattern
  • Crude futures are currently subdued but have been choppy throughout the session with WTI alternating between positive & negative territory
  • US Senate approved the new USD 480bln coronavirus relief bill as expected by unanimous consent, which the House is set to vote on this Thursday
  • US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said he think this will be last tranche of money for small...
  • Asian equity markets extended on losses as the subdued tone rolled over once again from Wall St where sentiment was pressured by the continued oil market rout
  • Oil prices remained jittery overnight following the prior day’s losses which saw June WTI crude prices briefly slip into single digit territory
  • The DXY was rangebound above the 100.00 level, EUR/USD was flat around 1.0850 and GBP/USD languished below 1.2300
  • US Senate approved the new USD 480bln coronavirus relief bill as expected by unanimous...
  • Crude remains under substantial pressure, the scale of which was enough to trigger circuit breakers in the June WTI future at USD 11.79/bbl
  • European bourses have extended on opening losses, following the crude complex’s decline; US futures are equally subdued
  • EU Commission's Thursday summit will not take a final decision on financing a coronvairus recovery fund, according to Diplomats and Officials
  • North Korea leader Kim is said to be in grave danger following surgery; however, this has received...
  • Asian equity markets were negative across the board following the weak handover from Wall St where sentiment was subdued
  • In crude markets, the soon-to-expire May WTI contract hit lows of USD -40/bbl, whilst the active June contract remained above USD 20/bbl
  • The DXY was firmer and rose above 100.00 amid the broad risk-averse tone
  • US President Trump hopes to have an agreement on the small business program soon with maybe a vote in the Senate on Tuesday
  • Reports suggested that North Korean...
  • European bourses are subdued after spending much of the session relatively mixed/flat, e-mini S&P just below Friday’s lows
  • US President Trump’s administration and Democrats in Congress were said to be near a USD 450bln economic relief package for small businesses
  • Trump said they are getting closer to a deal with Democrats regarding stimulus and could have an answer on Monday
  • PBoC cut the 1-year & 5-year LPR rates, as expected by 20bp and 10bp respectively
  • FX sees the USD softer, and...
  • Asian equity markets traded mixed amid the ongoing fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and extended rout in oil prices
  • The DXY is relatively flat with upside capped ahead of the 100.00 level. EUR/USD and GBP/USD remain below 1.0900 and 1.2500 respectively
  • The PBoC cut the 1-year and 5-year Loan Prime Rates by 20bps and 10bps respectively as expected
  • US President Trump’s administration and Democrats in Congress were said to be near a USD...
  • Sentiment remains strong following APAC hours on upbeat, albeit caveated, Gilead virus updates
  • US President Trump noted that experts say the curve has flattened and we have passed the peak of new cases; unveiled the 3-phase approach to re-opening
  • German Health Minister Spahn said that "as of today, the outbreak has become manageable again"
  • China's Parliament Standing Committee is to meet from April 26-29th, according to Xinhua
  • FX sees the DXY once again eclipsing 100.00 to the upside, to the...
  • Sentiment was supported overnight following the announcement of reopening guidelines in the US and hopes of a vaccine breakthrough
  • In FX markets, the DXY softened overnight and pulled back below the 100.00 level amid the heightened risk appetite
  • US President Trump noted that experts say the curve has flattened and we have passed the peak of new cases
  • President Trump unveiled a 3-phase approach to re-opening the economy, while he noted that some states can reopen sooner than others
  • There were...
  • Sentiment recovered from APAC lulls prior to European open; currently, remain modestly firmer ahead of US data deluge
  • President Trump added administration will be announcing new guidelines on reopening the economy on Thursday
  • ECB President Lagarde is fully prepared to increase the size of asset purchase programmes and adjust their composition, by as much as necessary and for as long as needed
  • DXY is firmer once again, but yet to breach the 100.00 mark to the upside with major peers subdued as...
  • Asian equity markets remained subdued amid the headwinds from Wall St which saw the S&P 500 close lower by 2.2%
  • DXY remains firmer in the FX space as the index sits just below the 100.00 threshold, weighing on major counterparts
  • President Trump said the administration will be announcing new guidelines on reopening the economy on Thursday
  • WTI crude futures fluctuated around the USD 20/bbl level as prices remained subdued by the ongoing demand concerns
  • Looking ahead, highlights include...
  • Sentiment is negative this morning following the downbeat APAC lead as Wall St. optimism dissipated
  • US President Trump said plans to reopen the country are nearing completion and he will speak to all Governors shortly; additionally, he instructed administration to halt funding to the WHO as a review is conducted
  • IEA Monthly Oil Market Report: Global oil demand is set to fall by a record 9.3mln BPD in 2020, SPR purchases can reach 200mln BPD in the next three months
  • DXY is firmer thus far to the...
  • Asian equity markets traded cautiously as the region failed to follow through on the optimism seen on Wall St
  • DXY remained lacklustre after having recently slipped below the 99.00 level amid easing funding pressures and declining yields
  • Brexit negotiators are to conduct a video call today to finalize next week's large-scale trade negotiations
  • US President Trump stated that he instructed the administration to halt funding to the WHO as a review is conducted
  • US President Trump said plans to...
  • European bourses are firmer this morning with US futures stronger in excess of 1% at present; note, Eurex has been experiencing operational difficulties
  • US President Trump said we're very close to completing a plan to re-open the country and hopefully ahead of schedule
  • US NIH's Fauci said even though we had a bad week last week, we are starting to see flattening including in hot spots such as New York
  • FX sees the DXY modestly softer this morning, while the ZAR underperforms after SARB cut rates to...
  • Asian equity markets were positive across the board as sentiment picked up from the holiday lull and as the region digested mostly better than expected Chinese trade data
  • Chinese trade figures showed a much narrower than expected contraction in exports and a surprise expansion to CNY-denominated imports
  • DXY was softer overnight as the constructive risk appetite sapped demand for the greenback
  • US President Trump says the administration is very close to completing a plan to re-open the country and is...
  • Sentiment started strong but has waned on the approach to today’s plethora of risk events
  • Kuwait Oil Minister says intention is moving towards reaching an agreement to lower output by a large amount between 10mln-15mln bpd.
  • Kremlin declined to comment on reports their maximum cut would be 2mln BPD
  • Russia and Saudi Arabia still need to settle differences regarding plans for a global oil production cut according to sources, regarding baseline and quantity
  • President Trump suggested the...
  • Asian equity markets were mostly higher as the region marginally benefitted from the tailwinds from Wall St
  • The DXY was steady above the 100.00 level with price action rangebound following an uneventful FOMC Minutes release
  • The Kuwait Oil Minister has touted the possibility of a 10-15mln bpd output reduction at today’s OPEC+ meeting
  • Russia is reportedly ready to cut production by 1.6mln BPD, according to Tass citing comments from Russian Energy Minister Novak
  • President Trump suggested the...
  • Sentiment was hit early doors on the Eurogroup being postponed, US futures currently little changed
  • Eurogroup President Centeno confirmed talks will resume tomorrow with no deal reached yet and cancelled today’s press-conference
  • Core debt futures flew on Centeno’s remarks as peripheries sunk along with EUR/USD; albeit, the latter has fought back
  • US President Trump said he will ask Congress for an additional USD 250bln in small businesses relief
  • Iran Oil Minister Zanganeh stated in a letter...
  • A tentative tone was observed in Asia-Pac bourses following the lacklustre performance stateside
  • DXY was relatively steady although managed to recoup some of the recent losses to reclaim the 100.00 level
  • US President Trump said the US is looking at reopening the economy very thoroughly which will be open again much sooner rather than later
  • Work towards an ambitious EU economic policy response to COVID-19 is “well on track but not there yet”, according to a spokesman for Eurogroup President...
  • Sentiment remains bolstered from the APAC lead, as US equity futures extend on gains
  • Delegate reports intimate that Saudi and Russia are coming closer to an output deal; however, Russian press reports have subsequently pushed back on this
  • Japanese PM Abe declares a State of Emergency in 7 prefectures as expected; Gov’t has approved JPY 108.2trl in stimulus
  • RBA kept rates on hold at 0.25% as expected and the board reaffirmed the 3yr yield target at 0.25%
  • FX sees the DXY softer, to the benefit...
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