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Stay informed with real-time updates from our live economic calendar that combines events with expert analysis.

Many assets become volatile in and around certain financial events so stay informed by checking our live financial calendar throughout the day. For example, both Non-Farm Payrolls and US GDP figures each month often impact the US dollar.

You can see G10 economic data releases, plus other tier 1 releases. You will also see Central Bank Speakers, Government Speakers, Bond Auctions, Company Earnings, Futures and Options Expiries and market holidays all in one place.

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Immediate insight: Our economic data calendar is updated in real-time. The instant the data is released, we will publish it and our analysts provide immediate insight on the likely market impact, helping you to react to key information more quickly.

Cut out the ‘noise’: The calendar is customisable, allowing you to filter by data type, country & impact, enabling you to focus on the data most important to you and not be distracted by irrelevant information.

Reduce your risk: The financial data we publish is highly accurate. We have partnered with major newswires to ensure that the data comes from the source itself.

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