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Start 7-Day Equities Trial

Daily Global Coverage Includes

  • Stock rumours & street chatter
  • Major earnings
  • Stock splits
  • Stock buybacks & options
  • Major company restructurings
  • Mergers & acquisitions activity
  • FDA notices
  • Potential company litigations

Fixed Income


Start 7-Day Fixed Income Trial

Daily Global Coverage Includes

  • Rumours and political chatter
  • G7 economic releases
  • Central bank speakers
  • Short term interest rates
  • Exchange-traded derivatives
  • 3 month STRIPS
  • G7 curve analysis
  • Government bond auctions
  • Government refunding announcements
  • Corporation pipeline
  • Flows, options and expiries for US, Europe and UK



Start 7-Day Energy Trial

Daily Global Coverage Includes

  • WTI & Brent crude movements
  • Natural gas news
  • RBOB gasoline headlines
  • NY harbor futures
  • Geopolitical news
  • Relevant weather forecasts
  • Commentary from EIA, IEA, API, NOAA, USCG, NHC & all OPEC officials



Start 7-Day Forex Trial

Daily Global Coverage Includes

  • G20 economic releases
  • Central bank speakers
  • Flows, options, barriers, technicals for major currency pairs & crosses
  • Related commodity news
  • Mergers & acquisitions news
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission news



Start 7-Day Metals Trial

Daily Global Coverage Includes

  • Major G7 economic data
  • Metal producing countries economic data releases
  • Related macro news effecting base & precious metal markets
  • Base & precious metal market industry news
  • Daily London Metal Exchange warehouse data
  • Fixes for precious metals
  • Relevant futures & options expiries

OR Get Our Multi-Asset Class for £349 / month.

Hybrid service combining our Fixed Income, Equities, FX & Commodity packages.

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Everything you need

All packages include

Web-based Audio News Feed

Listen to market moving news as it happens

Instant Analysis and Reaction

Understand everything you see and hear.

Live-Scrolling Text Headlines

Never miss a headline or a market moving moment.

Economic Calendars

Access to curated real-time, daily and weekly economic calendars

Analyst Chat Service

Speak 1 to 1 with any of our analyst team.

Research Reports & Market Rundowns

Understand what's happening now and what's happening in the future.

Twitter Scanner

Thousands of Twitter sources filtered for relevant tweets and essential information

AI Curated Media Monitoring

Thousands of headlines scanned by in-house AI-aided tech to surface market moving news to our analyst team.

What Professional Traders Say

Sam North

" With Newsquawk you get the services of a full analyst team for the price of their coffee each month. It’s a no-brainer value wise compared to hiring your own analysts."

Mark Dimelow
Derivatives Trader

"A month of Newsquawk pays for itself in less than one good position. The speed benefit you get from a squawk news service when you trade news events is huge. It just makes everything easier to understand and react to."

Adrian Spain
AJG Futures

"Having access to Newsquawk whilst trading from home makes me feel I’m back on the trading floor, with the audio of the moving news and additional full analysis of the economic and geopolitical events. The cost of the service is easily covered 10 fold with timely trades on breaking news which is not priced into markets."

Mike Donahue
Machina Trading

"I use news from Newsquawk to nudge clients into making a trade. They provide news about bonds, commodities and FX that I don’t get from competitors."

Eldon Kerr

"I really enjoy the follow ups around global macro events as it helps provide more understanding on market moves. It’s really helpful for reading the equity markets."

Jarratt Davis
Financial Source

"Newsquawk’s ability to process and filter news headlines at the speed they do directly benefits our traders financially. The cost of the service is nothing compared to the benefit."

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