Listen to and read the same news as banks

Access market-leading research, an expertly curated economic calendar, a professional low-latency audio squawk, and an institutional grade terminal style text headline feed. Add Newsquawk into your daily routine and it pays for itself.

Market leading squawk

A team of expert analysts filtering hundreds of news sources and providing audio alerts about news that will move the market. Sounds like a no brainer of a tool right?

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Faster than reading.
Save time reading and skimming content - get what matters told to you as it happens.
Save screen real estate.
The squawk runs in the background on your desktop or mobile device.
No filler.
Our analysts only speak when there's something worth speaking about. People pay for our silence.
Available on your dealerboard.
Our audio feed is available directly on your dealerboard via our exclusive partnership with IPC.

Market opens, wraps & lookaheads - be prepared

12 - 15 daily research sheets that cover all upcoming market events as well as recapping the current state of play. Special reports for OPEC, central bank, G10, elections and other events.

All regions.
Whether you trade Asia, Europe or US markets we have handcrafted human content (not AI-generated rubbish) that you can act on.
Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Ad-Hoc.
All types of regular or one-off economic events covered.
All asset classes.
Research sheets that cover the broad and the asset-class specific. We have what you need.
Straight to your inbox.
Every report available via email, our headline feed or in our research suite.
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The best economic calendar

Newsquawk sourced events, built on top of global financial market data provider.

Unique events.
We cover events not in mass market calendars.
Newsquawk curated.
Our analysts on the lookout for events not included elsewhere that will move markets.
Highs, lows, expectations, impact.
Quickly figure out what data means to your positions.
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Text headlines like a terminal - but a fraction of the cost

A constantly updating real-time institutional standard text headline feed to supplement the audio squawk.

Thousands of sources. Filtered.
You see the news without the noise.
Not limited to one network of reporters.
Other professional terminals prefer to push news from their sources. We use every source out there.
Save your searches.
We cover all asset classes so we make it easy for you filter your views.
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Talk to the analysts - your personal team

Reach out to our analysts for more information in the same way as a large bank reaches out to its own.

Fast response.
Our analysts respond within minutes.
No advice or bias.
Our analysts do not give trading advice and have no vested interests. Just clean information.
More context.
Understand what just happened to move the market.
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We produce content that powers the trading desks of some of the world's largest financial institutions.

News you can trust. Our service is used by top tier professionals across the financial industry. We publish unbiased, unopinionated, factual and clear news that you can take action on. Our analyst team is on your side to best equip you for your day of trading.


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