Live 24-Hour Global Squawk of Market Moving News
... it's Real-Time Audio

Our in-house analysts scour hundreds of news sources to cut through the noise & deliver only market-moving information.

Decision-Making News Spoken in Real-Time

We know what you need to hear to make informed decisions, whether it's a heads up before key releases, important data or world events. We only speak when necessary.

  • Context

    Headlines alone have limited use. Our analysts squawk the news and follow up with context about how it impacts asset prices.

  • Forward-Looking

    Been caught off guard? Our daily research and analysis notes, audio updates and filtered headline feed enable you to identify viable opportunities ahead.

  • Talk to Us

    Share your analysis with our analysts or write in with any questions about a news story or price movement and get a response from our desk in real-time.

  • Impartial

    Our team is not allowed to trade. We focus on getting news and analysis to you as fast as possible rather than adjusting our own positions. Our team is completely impartial, we provide critical commentary without turning it into directional advice.

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Real-Time Audio

Our low latency audio stream covers markets 24 hours a day.

  • Important News in Real-Time

    Analysts monitoring hundreds of news sources for news as it happens.

Text Headlines

We're more than audio.

  • Searchable and personalised

    Catch up on the day's events with added analysis and reaction.

Research, Videos & Calendars

Never get caught off guard again.

  • Research

    12-15 daily research sheets produced in-house before, during and after market. Giving you a precise and up-to-date briefing whenever you need it.

  • Calendars

    Our calendars cover all daily releases, economic data, central bank speakers, earnings, bond auctions, expiries and any other event that a market deems important.

Analyst Recap

Direct communication with our squawk desk.

  • Your own personal support analyst

    Professional subscribers have real-time interaction with our analyst team. Get additional recaps, insights and extra depth to recent market moving events.

Newsquawk Stock Imbalance Forecasts

Proprietary forecasts of US30, US500, & Single Stocks

  • The Newsquawk MOC Imbalance produced solely by Newsquawk.

    An aggregated estimate computed by using Newsquawk's in-house calculations and aggregated estimates from multiple sources. Whilst they may include data provided by many exchanges and other market sources, they do not represent any particular trading exchange data, views, opinions and/or compilations.

    The references to stock imbalances on or contained in any of Newsquawk's website, written research and/or audio squawk refer to Newsquawk's own Newsquawk MOC Imbalance; and all proprietary rights therein belong to Newsquawk.

What our clients say.

“As event driven traders, it is important to under the news behind the headline. Newsquawk looks into the headlines to the information that moves the markets, this is what makes them better.”

Ronin Capital

“Newsquawk has been a great provider of financial news to the benefit of our traders. Newsquawk's effectiveness results from combining speed with the knowledge to communicate news.”

Will De Lucy
Amplify Trading

“Newsquawk is the news source that we use that gives us the information that matters now. IT aggregates all the major news wires and delivers the information that counts.”

Our Services

We have specific audio news channels for equities, forex, fixed income and commodities; we also have a multi-asset channel, which covers global macro.

Our service runs 24 hours a day, from Sunday night through Friday evening. Our regular fundamental and technical briefings are posted several times through each trading session (we cover Europe, US and APAC).

We publish ad hoc research pieces preparing you for future events, like central bank meetings, company earnings, elections.

We also keep an eye on what the analyst community are saying, and will provide updates when banks adjust price targets on major assets.

We’ll also report major trades that are being put through in the market to help you understand how larger traders are positioning.

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