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Our analysts monitor sources inaccessible at banks and squawk audio news that provide protection & additional trading opportunities.

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Now available on the IPC network as Connexus Broadcast powered by Newsquawk. Enquire below to receive a commitment free 60-day trial of our audio service for your trading desk.

Save desktop real estate

Audio available direct on dealerboard.

Available on existing infrastructure

No visit or new hardware needed. Remote service activation.

Save traders time

Newsquawk monitor and filter news for your trading desk.

More trading opportunities & more protection

Access to audio headlines from hundreds of niche sources that cannot be accessed inside financial institutions.


Newsquawk headlines and research delivered directly via our API

Offer your traders or clients a professional and carefully curated feed of market-moving news. Not the mass market generic feeds seen everywhere else.

Feed curated from 100's of sources
Professional analysts monitor hundreds of sources and write easy to consume headlines.
Multiple formats
Secure feeds available as JSON, RSS or even as white labelled widgets.
Legitimate distribution
Some competitors copy and paste content from institutional terminals. We have distribution rights for everything we publish.
Differentiate your business
Clients see the same mass market headlines across the web. Why not offer something tailored for the financial markets?

What Professional Traders Say

Sam North

" With Newsquawk you get the services of a full analyst team for the price of their coffee each month. It’s a no-brainer value wise compared to hiring your own analysts."

Mark Dimelow
Derivatives Trader

"A month of Newsquawk pays for itself in less than one good position. The speed benefit you get from a squawk news service when you trade news events is huge. It just makes everything easier to understand and react to."

Adrian Spain
AJG Futures

"Having access to Newsquawk whilst trading from home makes me feel I’m back on the trading floor, with the audio of the moving news and additional full analysis of the economic and geopolitical events. The cost of the service is easily covered 10 fold with timely trades on breaking news which is not priced into markets."

Mike Donahue
Machina Trading

"I use news from Newsquawk to nudge clients into making a trade. They provide news about bonds, commodities and FX that I don’t get from competitors."

Eldon Kerr

"I really enjoy the follow ups around global macro events as it helps provide more understanding on market moves. It’s really helpful for reading the equity markets."

Jarratt Davis
Financial Source

"Newsquawk’s ability to process and filter news headlines at the speed they do directly benefits our traders financially. The cost of the service is nothing compared to the benefit."


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“Newsquawk has been a great provider of financial news to the benefit of our traders. Newsquawk's effectiveness results from combining speed with the knowledge to communicate news.”

Anthony Cheung
Amplify Trading

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