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We produce content that powers the trading desks of some of the world's largest financial institutions.

Newsquawk is used by top tier professionals across the financial industry. All of our distribution rights are legitimate and we operate a 24/5 service with around the clock customer support. Newsquawk is the premier squawk service in the business.

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Web-based Audio News Feed

Listen to market moving news as it happens

Instant Analysis and Reaction

Understand everything you see and hear.

Live-Scrolling Text Headlines

Never miss a headline or a market moving moment.

Economic Calendars

Access to curated real-time, daily and weekly economic calendars

Analyst Chat Service

Speak 1 to 1 with any of our analyst team.

Research Reports & Market Rundowns

Understand what's happening now and what's happening in the future.

Twitter Scanner

Thousands of Twitter sources filtered for relevant tweets and essential information

AI Curated Media Monitoring

Thousands of headlines scanned by in-house AI-aided tech to surface market moving news to our analyst team.

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Anthony Cheung
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