EUROPEAN FIXED INCOME UPDATE: debt futures glean some traction after freefall

Analysis details (10:40)

Bonds had already bounced from worst levels before final bidding and results of the 3 year UK auction that was relatively well received all things considered, but Gilts remain over a full point adrift alongside Bunds in the aftermath of the BoJ’s yield curve target expansion and US Treasuries continue to bear steepen. Looking at prices in more detail, the respective 10 year benchmarks sit around 101.30, 136.06 and 113-19 within 101.73-100.88, 137.22-135.83 and 114-05+/113-11+ ranges awaiting further reaction to the overnight news and a fairly decent pm agenda comprising NA data and flash Eurozone consumer confidence.

20 Dec 2022 - 10:40- Research Sheet- Source: Newsquawk

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