EUROPEAN FIXED INCOME UPDATE: bonds bounce firmly, but stealthily

Analysis details (10:57)

The magnitude of moves in FX hot on the heels of further Dollar appreciation on the back of a hawkish Fed will no doubt grab headlines, but debt futures have witnessed some choppy price action at the sidelines, with the longer end of the curve outperforming on spread positioning and perhaps some relief buying after other global Central Banks hiked broadly in line with expectations, or less in the case of the SNB. Bunds topped out at 142.02 vs 140.58 at the other end of the scale having closed at 141.20 on Wednesday, Gilts at 104.28 from a 103.40 low and 103.58 midweek Liffe close and the T-note is midway between 114-00/113-18+ overnight extremes. Next up, BoE, CBRT, then IJC and the SARB plus several Central Bank speakers.  

22 Sep 2022 - 10:57- Fixed IncomeResearch Sheet- Source: Newsquawk

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