EUROPEAN FIXED INCOME UPDATE: bonds bounce, but remain under par overall

Analysis details (10:58)

BTPs have staged another strong rebound to top 127.00 in stark contrast to core debt counterparts that continue to retreat from best levels forged into month end, and the absence of Italian supply is a positive factor along with comments from political parties that might form the next coalition after ‘snap’ elections at the end of September. Meanwhile, Bunds, Gilts and the 10 year T-notes all remain on the backfoot between wider parameters after extension to the downside, at 157.28 from 156.74 at worst, 117.99 vs 117.72 and 121-03+ compared to 120-28, awaiting the return of US participants, the manufacturing ISM and construction spending.

01 Aug 2022 - 10:58- Research Sheet- Source: Newsquawk

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