[ANALYSIS] China Two-Sessions highlights and analyst thoughts

Analysis details (07:25)

Economic Targets and Policies

- Analysts and desks frame the target as "ambitious".

- ING suggested an increase would have indicated a more supportive fiscal stance, but the unchanged target suggests caution, possibly due to concerns over debt sustainability following the Moody's sovereign outlook downgrade in December.

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

- Some suggest limited scope for aggressive easing before global central banks start loosening policy. 

- Desks suggest a shift towards a "moderately strengthen" fiscal policy stance, removing language about avoiding "stimulus flooding."

Debt, Issuance, and Financial Risks

Real Estate

- Analysts note that few details were given on the property sector. 

Defence and Geopolitics

- Analysts highlight that China dropped the 'peaceful reunification' reference to Taiwan. In a separate report, China said it would “resolutely oppose separatist activities aimed at Taiwan independence and external interference”.

Energy and EVs


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05 Mar 2024 - 07:25- Fixed IncomeData- Source: Newsquawk

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