Our Packages

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  • Hybrid service combining our Fixed Income, Equities, FX & Commodity packages
  • Breaking news & rumours relevant to all asset classes
  • G20 economic data releases, central bank speakers, geopolitical alerts
  • Earnings reports, bond auctions, FX and fixed income flow
  • Live market commentary and analysis
  • The ultimate service for today’s dynamic market place

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

All Users can take advantage of these features.

Web-based Audio News Feed
Listen to market moving news as it happens.
Instant Analysis and Reaction
Understand everything you see and hear.
Live-Scrolling Text Headlines
Never miss a headline or a market moving moment.
Analyst Chat Service
Speak 1 to 1 with any of our analyst team.
Research Reports & Market Rundowns
Understand what's happening now and what's happening in the future.

Individual Asset Class Packages

Select asset classes for you what you need.


  • Stock rumours & major earnings from across the globe
  • Stock splits, buybacks, options & major company restructurings
  • M&A activity, FDA notices and potential company litigations

Fixed Income

  • Rumours, G7 economic releases & central bank speakers
  • Covers STIRs, ETD, 3-month strips and G7 Curve analysis
  • Govt. bond auctions, refunding announcements & corp. pipeline
  • Flows, options & expiries for US, Europe and UK


  • WTI & Brent crude, natural gas, RBOB gasoline and NY harbor futures
  • Relevant geopolitical news & weather forecasts
  • Commentary from EIA, IEA, API, NOAA, USCG, NHC & all OPEC officials


  • G20 economic releases & central bank speakers
  • Flows, options, barriers, technicals for major currency pairs & crosses
  • Related commodity, M&A related news & CFTC updates


  • Major G7 economic data and countries related to metal production
  • Latest macro and industry related news pertinent to the precious & base metal markets
  • Daily LME warehouse data, fixes for the precious metals & relevant future & option expiries